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get your hoe ready,   guenther,   eighteenth president,   department of defense,   pets,   baby,   jp morgan,   sailor,   david herold,   nooses,   uncle sam i want you,   dan sayre groesbeck,   coal,   united states navy,   22nd president of the united states,   camoflauge,   history,   soldier,   garden to cut food costs,   black and white,   blackboard,   orville e babcock,   louisiana,   military,   john pierpont morgan and uncle sam,   i want you uncle sam,   golden eyes,   financer,   18th president,   rifle,   j howard miller,   chinese soldier and uncle sam,   war posters,   political,   eighteenth president of the united states,   medicine,   buy a liberty bond,   us bond,   uncle sam,   assault amphibious vehicles,   john pierpont morgan,   time,   punching,   world war 2,   new year,   ag thurman,   cupid,   corn,   strength,   uncle sam girl shower,   woman,   july 4,   24th president of the united states,   president ulysses grant,   ww2,   riveters,   dancing,   abraham lincoln,   december 7th 1918,   patriotism,   uncle sam pointing,   abe lincoln,   pig iron,   man,   fuel supply,   1899,   james montgomery flagg,   amphibious vehicles,   2006,   william w belknap,   cash register,   22nd president,   army of war savers,   amphibious vehicle,   wss,   investments,   democrat,   chicago worlds fair,   stephen grover cleveland,   the 3000000000 punch,   world war one,   honor roll,   chinese,   vintage military,   a great day of patriotic devotion and obligation,   girl shower,   american presidents,   philippines,   eagles,   two uncle sams,   us navy,   hand organ,   team work,   vegetables,   invest your money with uncle sam,   baskets,   planes,   volunteer and choose your own branch of the service,   war savings pledge,   american war posters,   camp atterbury,   munitions,   basket,   women,   holidays,   industrial,   recruit,   presidential election,   democracy,   apples,   assassinations,   democrats,   vegetable garden,   f sindelar,   liberty loan partial payment plan,   census,   liberty loan,   the shot that will win the war,   department of agriculture,   bald eagles,   flags,   political cartoon,   michael olaughlen,   fruit,   investment,   july 4th,   the biggest gun in the war for democracy,   president grover cleveland,   register,   recruits,   vintage war posters,   1942,   globe,   boats,   international,   get behind the government,   scissors,   rifles,   wage payer,   lion,   set clocks back,   enlist in the army,   fuel administration,   children,   ulysses grant,   the liberty loan is the cash register of patriotism,   agriculture,   leslies illustrated newspaper,   world peace,   2007,   december 7 1918,   noose,   bond buttons,   boy,   navy,   michael olaughlin,   us army,   rosie,   1912,   kaiser,   firecrackers,   strong,   if you cant enlist invest,   playing cards,   the new education,   vintage military posters,   us presidents,   volunteer,   weapon,   william allen rogers,   associated motion picture advertisers,   people,   native americans,   knickerbocker,   the womans land army of america,   world peace with liberty and prosperity,   shackles,   historic,   dress,   illustration,   tax time,   your war savings pledge,   california,   us bonds,   water reflection,   recruiting,   liberty loan of 1917,   dr samuel mudd,   big cat,   honor roll of women who will work to win the war,   muscular,   babies,   hiram ulysses grant,   seventeenth president,   invest,   kewpie,   team work will win the war,   education,   american eagles,   lecturing,   vintage,   new years baby,   child,   illustrations,   artillery,   farmer,   big cats,   alaska,   clocks,   american,   1865,   cuba,   political cartoons,   rosie the riveter,   siamese twins,   cash register of patriotism,   dod,   presidential assassinations,   navy recruit,   indiana army national guard,   william a richardson,   chinese soldier,   join the quartermaster corps,   willard and dorothy straight,   bayonet,   uncle sam needs that extra shovelful,   war fund,   i want you for us army,   george m robeson,   american war poster,   latest views of our boys in the service,   grant,   thomas brackett reed,   18th american president,   gun,   american history,   cannon,   pennsylvania committee of public safety,   michael o laughlen,   lions,   bald eagle,   capitalism,   women in the military,   hyena,   quill pen,   consumer,   apple,   army,   lincoln,   quartermaster corps,   carriage,   united states marines,   farmers,   keep the stars shining for uncle sam,   pet,   lincoln assassination,   military recruiting,   animal,   all the kings in the world cant beat my hand,   dogs,   gardens,   britians day,   enlistment,   national guard,   have your answers ready state military,   presidential elections,   samuel arnold,   andrew johnson,   vintage military poster,   lest we forget,   johnson,   enlightenment,   animals,   geraldine doyle,   canada,   wagon,   fighting,   united states military,   1893,   4th of july,   jefferson davis,   abraham lincoln assassination,   puppies,   vintage war poster,   gallows birds,   dance,   lady liberty,   he had no use for a whip,   allen granbery thurman,   gardening,   president cleveland,   marine recruiting,   engineers,   vegetable gardens,   boating,   the helping hand,   mucles,   eighteenth american president,   dont wait for the draft volunteer,   conspirators of the lincoln assassination,   navy recruiting,   war work,   patriotic,   naval,   gulf of thailand,   swords,   united states department of agriculture,   war bonds,   rca dome,   infantry,   lecture,   collie,   for shattered constitutions,   victory,   war bonds and funds,   17th president of the united states,   american indians,   statues,   michael o laughlin,   dog,   father knickerbocker,   world war ii,   cartoon,   us president,   partisian politics,   cartoons,   stars and stripes,   historical,   american president,   flag,   chalkboard,   24th president,   victory gardens,   horse,   follow the pied piper,   tariff,   airplanes,   war service medal,   american indian,   uncle sam needs money as well as men,   ww ii,   oscar edward cesare,   business man,   fourth of july,   american flags,   daylight savings ends,   guns,   democratic,   drafting,   calvary,   liberty,   save seed corn now,   marines,   1919,   us marines,   cooperation,   servitude,   bond,   dragons,   pup,   liberty bond buttons,   dec 7th 1918,   native ameircan indian,   taxes,   ww 2,   sash,   belgian,   money,   bonds,   war,   shabby,   17th president,   person,   congress passes daylight savings bill,   2nd liberty loan,   liberty loans,   ulysses s grant,   boat,   crowd,   texas,   democratic nominees,   i need you in the navy this minute,   edman spangler,   tax,   war savings stamps,   welcome comrade at arms,   banker,   britannia,   j carl mueller,   war poster,   18th president of the united states,   quill,   united states army,   black board,   troops,   fife,   liverty bonds,   president ulysses s grant,   rowing,   horses,   native american,   statue,   president,   american flag,   politics,   tariff reform law,   belgian flag,   statue of liberty,   collies,   rockets,   setting clocks back,   liberty bond,   war for democracy,   ships,   united states government bond,   uncle sam and rosie the riveter,   conspirators,   reflection,   garden,   first call,   wss enlistment,   school,   enlisting,   join the navy,   rosies,   investing,   pointing,   flexing muscles,   colonial press,   soldiers,   i am telling you,   time change,   side by side britannia,   puppy,   john wilkes booth,   uncle sams girl shower,   prosperity,   riveter,   hawaii,   florida,   manufacturer,   american eagle,   uncle sams,   world war,   daylight savings,   2nd liberty loan of 1917,   i want you,   us military,   dragon,   quatermaster corps,   united states fuel administration,   pigtail,   missile,   happy new year,   eagle,   rowing boat,   harpers weekly,   daylight savings bill,   holiday,   fruits,   firecracker,   native american indians,   1917,   seventeenth president of the united states,   united states school garden army,   john pierpont morgan and uncle sam rowing a boat,   lectures,   charles dana gibson,   politician,   muscles,   liberty bonds,   war funds,   uncle sams menagerie,   1918,   grover cleveland,   farming,   president grant,   assault amphibious vehicle,   chalk board,   1913,   wage earner,   yankee doodle,   americana,   politicians,   george atzerodt,   mary elizabeth surratt,   hospital corps,   universal current events,   war bond,   presidents,   amphibious,   nell brinkley,   marine corps,   bonds which,   enlist,   american industry,   lewis paine,   first call i need you in the navy this minute,   porto rico,   liberty bond button,   wwii,   schneck,   international relations,   cage,  

Uncle Sam